The Games Factory 2: Sample test of what you can do with such as IDE.

DementedWorldSite: The site you are currently viewing. As is build upon php, and has multiple features (and lacks many ones), this should be conceived as a whole development project by itself.

SiteManager: A tool to maintain websites like this one.

WordChallengeMP: The multiplayer version of this funny game by Playfish. PC.

DSMetronome: A metronome for the DS handheld console. DS.

CoolMetronome: A metronome for the windows platform. PC.

ParanoidWorld: A crazy shooter. PC.
FluidSynthGUI: A MIDI synthesizer based on the FluidSynth capabilities to render sound from SF2 sound banks. PC.

Hackers: A Command Line Interpreter managed and audio adventure game. PC.
AT3: Armed To The Teeth: A 3D space shooter with a scroll managed by a BSpline. PC.

Old projects:

Pestus45: A simple shooter game for the PalmPilot Professional PDA.

BThrow: This project was released for the Artfutura 2002 independent videogame contest. This game it's a futuristic third person shooter, where you control a robot that must rescue the captain Lars. The adventure is developed in 4 levels where you finally meet a Big Final Boss!

Aventura Grafica: A project who's intention was to develop a typical graphic adventure using GammaE engine. Unfinished.

Bubble Wars: A project intended to check the Networking capabilities of
GammaE engine. Unfinished.

This was the parent project of BThrow. The intention was to develop an space ship game located on a planet surface and with a similar taste as Rogue Squadron videogame. Unfinished.

GammaE: This is the base of all my projects. It's the game engine and framework I use to develop all my videogame projects.