David Márquez de la Cruz
Personal information Personal status:
Birth date:
December 6, 1975
Birth place:

Educational Studies

1989- 1994

I.E. Rubiò i Ors Sant Boi de Llob.

    • BUP
    • COU
    • Technical Scientific and Bio Sanitary Branch
Informatic Faculty of Barcelona
  • Technical Enginering in Computer Systems
  • Operating Systems and Networking specialization.
  • Final career project (2000)
  • Full access to the Ext2 file system under MS-DOS.
  • Proyecto rating, 9
  • Courses developed:
  • Microsoft Visual C++
  • Videogame programming
  • C#
  • Introduction to Cosmology
Others :
Tubobasic programming title in CINFOR academy.
Language Knowledge:
  • Castellano: Mother language.
  • Catalán: Second language, Advanced, spoken, wrtten and reading.
  • English: Very goodlLevel. High level in technical english applied to computer science..
  • French: Basic Knowledge. Courses developed at primary school.
Working experience: 1992
L’Hospitalet de Llobregat

A company dedicated to the installation of aluminium structures. Aprentice.

A company dedicated to provide internet services (ISP).

Administrator - Programmer.

During the stance I did the following tasks:
Network administration, userand internet sevices management .
Development of applications for general company management.

The access to the company due to educational cooperation agreements.

UBISOFT Entertainment Inc.
San Cugat del Vallés

International company with great success on videogame production and distribution.

  • Terrain engine and scene edition using height maps.
    • Research and Development:. Main developer.
  • Pro Rally 2001 PC versión.
    • Collaboration.
  • Pro Rally 2002 PlayStation2 version.
    • Programmer.
  • Pro Rally 2002GameCube version port.
    • Programmer.
  • Monster Jam: Maximum DestructionGameCube version (2002/2003)
    • Lead programmer.
  • Monster 4x4: Masters of Metal (2003/2004)
    • SFX programmer.
  • Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. XBOX 360
    • vehicleAI.
  • Monster 4x4: World Circuit XBOX.
    • Lead Platform Programmer.
  • Driver Parallel Lines Wii.
    • Programmer.
  • Cosmic Family Wii. (2006/2007)
    • Lead Programmer and Lead Platform Programmer.
  • My Fintess Coach Wii. (2008/2009) US / UK / EFIGS versions
    • Lead programmer.
  • Your Shape Wii. (2009) US / EFIGS versions
    • Lead programmer.
  • Your Shape PC. (2009) US / EFIGS versions
    • Engine programmer.
  • Motion Sports. XBOX 360 Kinect. (2010) US / EFIGS versions
    • Gameplay Programmer.
Other: Driving License.
Sant Boi de Llobregat,
March 8, 2009
David Márquez de la Cruz.